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    The Classic - White Button Down Shirt

    The Classic - White Button Down Shirt



    Let's get the word out there! This is your number 1 fashion staple of all times the White Button Down Shirt, The shirt that morphed into so many styles, trends, and decades, and yet always kept her good name :). The fashion must have piece for every fashionista building up her closet.

    For my own own photoshoot I wanted something classic, timeless, yet simple and elegant, to that I wanted to add some chic and funk to match my personality without making it look over done or cheesy. This is what I chose, the classic slim fit in white with an animal print front trim and gold accent buttons. This speaks chic and style, yet fashion forward and elegant. All at once - who knew a shirt could say so much?

    This specific shirt is a Roberto Cavalli Piece, but you can achieve the same look at a #Worthilicious price with any White slim fit shirt and throwing on a costume jewelry necklace.

    We have a great selection on our website, or any of these brands will have one Zara, J.Crew, H&M, etc.. Make sure its a blend material, preferably cotton with at least 5% of any elastic thread, this way the shirt will fit comfortably and won't pull.

    You can easily transform this look from day to night, with ripped jeans and heels, or a pencil skirt and jacket for the workplace.

    There you have it, one shirt at a #worthilicious price yours forever.

    Whatever you spend on it - I promise it will be well WORTH it, as this is a piece I know you will keep forever!

    Yours truly,

    Lorena, The Consignment Princess