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    MEN ALERT!!! Your Man was never this trendy!!! SUPREME X LOUIS VUITTON

    MEN ALERT!!! Your Man was never this trendy!!! SUPREME X LOUIS VUITTON

    Are you looking for a unique gift for you man for Valentine's Day?

    ALERT!!! Your man never looked this chic and trendy, yet so cool! And the best part is that you will be able to share the pieces with him. So, what do you think? I say it's a win win situation!!!

    Supreme X Louis Vuitton collection launched January 19th. in an epic fashion show in Paris (live online for us mortals from our own homes) and what can I say? You had me at RED!!!

    The collaboration is developed in almost any imaginable item, from sneakers, backpacks, bags, cardholders and wallets, to shirts, pants, jackets and wallets. From epi leather to monogram pieces and canvas with both logos on it.

    What can I say? This is actually a great deal, a gift for you and him for the price of one? I'm in!

    Warning these pieces are offered at Louis Vuitton prices - not Supreme prices. Your knew that, right?






    Louis vuitton Supreme Lorena's WORTH


    Louis vuitton Supreme Lorena's WORTH

    Louis vuitton Supreme Lorena's WORTH

    Louis vuitton Supreme Lorena's WORTH

    Louis vuitton Supreme Lorena's WORTH


    Images from Vogue.

    CONSIGNING MEN - YES OR NO? We say yes! READ why below

    CONSIGNING MEN - YES OR NO? We say yes! READ why below

    Let's start by saying that men - even though they should - Men don't like buying second hand. Is it the "walking in another men's shoes" the issue ? Who knows! Even if that's the case - that's not a very smart move. 

    Today men can get in consignment the same pieces (almost) that they can get brand new in a store, at 10-20 percent of its retail value! 

    With that price difference men should learn how to buy consignment and save lots of $$$$$.

    Here is the check list:

    For beginners - I say start with the easy pieces like jeans, a tie - if you need one, belts. 

    If you are already advanced in this area and have tried this niche -  you already know that the best deals are in the shoes, shirts,  jackets and suits and unique pieces !


    What to do? 

    Beginners :

    • First use common sense and buy from a reputable seller.
    • Make sure they have a clear return policy. 
    • Know your size and measurements. Make sure you know your size in US and EU sizing and your measurements. This way there is a zero chance you will go wrong. If you don't know how to measure yourself or don't want to - then buy brands that you are familiar or go  to the store and try the sizes in the different brands so you know your size. 
    • Disclosure : While looking at items for sale make sure seller provides lots of images, measurements, including if tags and that items are authenticated.
    • Vague descriptions are big question marks !!!

    Now ! Let's shop! 



    Jeans - men usually wear the same style over and over. They might go thru some different color combinations but men - unlike most women - will stick to that one style. Once you know your style you can buy them on consignment at about 40-50$ a piece while a new pair of designer jeans starts at 250-350$ ranking up to the 900$ for the high end designer brand. 

    Ties - ties have the lowest resale value on consignment - and all the consignment stores that sell them - you will see -  they look brand new!!! Why pay the retail price for an Hermes Tie when you can buy one second hand for about 50-75$. If you go for Gucci or Armani we are already talking 30-50$. So that's a no brainer! You don't need to know much about ties to buy one that you love in your desired designer brand. 

    Belts - how can you go wrong with a belt?!? Even if it's second hand?!? Looking around you can see that black belts - even high end designer ones - are up for grabs at ridiculous prices!!!! For example a crocodile belt that retailed - on its peak for 2000$ - is sold for 200$ (Dior Homme). That is amazing ! Especially if you are looking for special pieces that have almost no resale value! 

    Those are the easy pieces - and I'm sure that men can get the hang of it!


    As far as shirts, jackets, suits and unique pieces you will find amazing deals but the are some caveats. 


    Be on the lookout for the following:

    Items that you can't wash - eg dry clean only - might be susceptible to BO. 

    Underarms area - make sure it's not discoloration or stained. 

    Suits - make sure they are not altered and if so - make sure it fits you. Even if you can buy an Armani suit for 200$ but eventually it didn't fit you, then that was a waste. 

    Uniques pieces might be a big red flag for fakes. So know your stuff or trust your seller!!!


    Online or brick and mortar?

    Well to me that's a no brainer - Online you can refine items, by brand, color, size, even style. Can you do that in a brick and mortar store? Of course NOT! So that's your answer!

    Enjoy your shopping!!!


    Lorena Shiff


    NYFW - all bags celebrities took out for a walk!

    NYFW - all bags celebrities took out for a walk!

    Why am I even writing about this? Good question I say! The reason is very simple, today being the last day of New York Fashion Week, I sat back and watched carefully (wearing very comfortable clothes) at all the news, pictures, street style images, news columns, videos, read blogs, etc., all from the comfort of my own computer in (Not so sunny) Miami.

    What did I realize? Fashion is loosening up people!!! YASSSSSSSS

    What do I mean? Well, let me let you in in some fashion show's etiquette. It is "well known" that the models, bloggers, movie starts and celebrities attending fashion shows would showcase clothing and purses from those same designers, given to those people by those same brands for that occasion. All this to make us think those celebs actually LOVE those items, buy them and wear them so we do the same.

    Well, not so much this NYFW. 

    Why is that such great news? Because that gave us a great peek at all the classics, and fashion favs of all our beloved models, movie stars, bloggers, fashion icons and celebrities! So interesting! Lets take a look at what I have found!

    The number 1 Choice - CHANEL

    From the classic flap to the boy - we have seen them and love them all. Yes, I get this one! One of my personal favorites as well.

    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH


    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH


    The second runner up - YSL Yves Saint Laurent

    The Sac De Jour is a definite winer when thinking of day round tote. Yes I agree with this one too!

    YSL NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    YSL NYFW Lorena's WORTH 

    Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Hermes came up pretty close

    Those are very safe and classic choices for a politically correct celebrity attending more than one show a day, and you can never go wrong with those.

    Hermes NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Louis Vuitton NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Givenchy NYFW Lorena's WORTH



    Valentino - Last on our list

    Yup, as predicted everybody was obsessed with them - THEN. Now ... well ... not so much anymore. I see good deals on those very very soon! And they are still gorgeous, so be on the lookout for those on our website very soon!

    Personal Favorite - FENDI

    The Dot Com bag, yes I didn't know how I felt about it, now I know! The more I see it the more I LOVE that bag!



    Fun Fact - The small playful clutch.

    I saw a lot of small fun clutches, many different brands, at affordable prices, from Coach to Chanel, and they seem to be fashion favorites, keep those, you can still wear them this season and into the summer!

    In the purses world I guess, no news is good news :) I was spot on! Stick to your Chanel, YSL, Hermes. Sell Valentino Before its too late. And if you are looking for a fun small investment in a Dot Com - Fendi, might not be a bad idea at all!

    Yours truly, 


     Lorena Shiff Lorena's WORTH The Consignment Princess