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    Meet the new kid on the block - Hermes Verrou Chaine Bag

    Meet the new kid on the block - Hermes Verrou Chaine Bag

    Hermes aficionado or not, you have to meet the new kid on the block. Like in life, when there is a new thing out there, you owe it at least to see what it is all about.

    I must admit I am an Hermes girl, so I was intrigued.

    As luxurious as her sisters Kelly and Birkin, and yet has a touch of young flair that they lack. The added chain with the "Bathroom stall like lock" and the asymmetrical flap give this bag the sass we were all looking for in Hermes. Classic square with some funky add ons - I must say, I am intrigued. Should i call her the rebel? :)

    This bag doesn't come cheap at a little over 8,000$ plus taxes.

    So, not sure if I want it yet, but knowing me and my relationship with Hermes, I think I might fall in love. Meeting her in person in a few days... I guess I will know then.

    Lorena's WORTH Hermes Verrou Chaine

    Lorena's WORTH Hermes Verrou Chaine

    For the time being, enjoy the view!

    Lorena Shiff

    I say It's about time! Let's all go Birkin Style at our own budget!

    I say It's about time! Let's all go Birkin Style at our own budget!

    Birkin or Birkin style?

    Birkin or Birkin style? Many rumors, Many opinions, let's get down to business!

    WE ALL WANT A BIRKIN! Don't we? Of course we do! Why don't we all own one? Well, until they are priced reasonably and are available to all, like all designer bags, we can only dream of that. Fact is - most of us will never own one, not even touch one. But we have all seen one. If not in real life, then of course, carried around by our favorite celebrities, just pick one: Kim Kardashian, of course, J. Lo - check! Shall I go on? 

    Kim Kardashian Lorena's WORTH

    Hermes even came up with its own industry of silk scarves produced just for this precious bags - called the Twilly -  a thin long silk scarf to wrap around the handles of the bag, so we can keep it free of body oils and stains.

    Birkin Lorena's WORTH

    Check please? Sure! Birkin bag around - 15000$, add a pair of twillies, 400$. Total about 16000$ plus taxes.

    Now let's say we have almost 16000$ to spare, don't think you can just go and buy one. No, no, no you are to naive - speaking in Birkin lingo. There is a wait list of years. Not only that, you need to be registered with the brand to have bought at least one Birkin before. Not done yet! You also need to show a track record of buying other Hermes items as well, to show you Love the Hermes Brand, not just the Birkin. You see - they won't just sell it to you, until you prove to them that you are worthy of carrying a Birkin, Hermes bag. 

    If you can't beat them join them!

    Riding on the trend above, many high end Fashion houses, and other mass production main stream brands, joined in the party. They figured if we cannot beat them - Join them!

    You can call them imitation I call them inspiration! 

    This is the reason why Dior, Fendi and Saint Laurent bags are so popular these days! They have all gone Birkin style at a fifth of the price of a birkin. What am I talking about you ask? Here we go!

    Peekaboo - FENDI

    Meet the Fendi Peekaboo, like its inspiration the Birkin, comes with its own line of twillies, and can be pre-wrapped at the Fendi boutiques. Comes in all colors of the rainbow almost, and in 4 sizes, to fit any budget. From about 1500$ to 4000$.

    Fendi Peekaboo Lorena's WORTH


    DIOR - Diorever

    Meet the Diorever, or should I say The birkin style bag, from the Dior Fashion house. Ranging from about 3000$ to 3900$, comes in 3 sizes. Gorgeous, featuring 2 handles, a flap, a main buckle and two side circular magnets. Reminds you of something?

    Diorever lorena's WORTH


    SAINT LAURENT - Sac Du Jour

    Meet SAINT LAURENT's Sac Du Jour. The closest design to the Birkin, in my opinion, and at the best price. If this doesn't scream Birkin, then I will! At about 3000$ for the largest size, and now, get ready for this, comes pre-wrapped in, especially made ,Saint Laurent twillies... Did you scream Birkin yet?

    Sac Du Jour Lorena's WORTH


    Other brands

    Just looking around at all the fashion houses, you can see they are all making Birkin style inspired bags ranging from the hundred's of dollars (For example Coach) to the thousands (For example Louis Vuitton).

    The Louis Vuitton City steamer, coming from one of the biggest houses of fashion, comes to prove this is not a copy or an imitation, but truly a trend set to inspire all fashion houses to do the same.

    I guess the Birkin bag is not just a bag, but one of the biggest inspiring trends for this season!

    I say - enjoy the ride, go Birkin style at your own budget!

    Yours Truly,


    Lorena Shiff

    Lorena Shiff




    NYFW - all bags celebrities took out for a walk!

    NYFW - all bags celebrities took out for a walk!

    Why am I even writing about this? Good question I say! The reason is very simple, today being the last day of New York Fashion Week, I sat back and watched carefully (wearing very comfortable clothes) at all the news, pictures, street style images, news columns, videos, read blogs, etc., all from the comfort of my own computer in (Not so sunny) Miami.

    What did I realize? Fashion is loosening up people!!! YASSSSSSSS

    What do I mean? Well, let me let you in in some fashion show's etiquette. It is "well known" that the models, bloggers, movie starts and celebrities attending fashion shows would showcase clothing and purses from those same designers, given to those people by those same brands for that occasion. All this to make us think those celebs actually LOVE those items, buy them and wear them so we do the same.

    Well, not so much this NYFW. 

    Why is that such great news? Because that gave us a great peek at all the classics, and fashion favs of all our beloved models, movie stars, bloggers, fashion icons and celebrities! So interesting! Lets take a look at what I have found!

    The number 1 Choice - CHANEL

    From the classic flap to the boy - we have seen them and love them all. Yes, I get this one! One of my personal favorites as well.

    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH


    Chanel NYFW Lorena's WORTH


    The second runner up - YSL Yves Saint Laurent

    The Sac De Jour is a definite winer when thinking of day round tote. Yes I agree with this one too!

    YSL NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    YSL NYFW Lorena's WORTH 

    Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Hermes came up pretty close

    Those are very safe and classic choices for a politically correct celebrity attending more than one show a day, and you can never go wrong with those.

    Hermes NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Louis Vuitton NYFW Lorena's WORTH

    Givenchy NYFW Lorena's WORTH



    Valentino - Last on our list

    Yup, as predicted everybody was obsessed with them - THEN. Now ... well ... not so much anymore. I see good deals on those very very soon! And they are still gorgeous, so be on the lookout for those on our website very soon!

    Personal Favorite - FENDI

    The Dot Com bag, yes I didn't know how I felt about it, now I know! The more I see it the more I LOVE that bag!



    Fun Fact - The small playful clutch.

    I saw a lot of small fun clutches, many different brands, at affordable prices, from Coach to Chanel, and they seem to be fashion favorites, keep those, you can still wear them this season and into the summer!

    In the purses world I guess, no news is good news :) I was spot on! Stick to your Chanel, YSL, Hermes. Sell Valentino Before its too late. And if you are looking for a fun small investment in a Dot Com - Fendi, might not be a bad idea at all!

    Yours truly, 


     Lorena Shiff Lorena's WORTH The Consignment Princess