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    The Ed Bernstein Show

    How to spot fake luxury bags!

    Lorena Shiff Real Vs Fake Ed Bernstein Show Lorena's WORTH

    Click here to watch

    Aventura Magazine asks Lorena Shiff - is it a keeper?

    Which are the TOP 5 BAGS TO KEEP!

    Lorena Shiff Aventura Magazine

    Lorena's WORTH Lorena Shiff Top 5 Bags


    How to organize your closet?

    Lorena Shiff shows you on Today On 5 at 11 - How 

    WPTV Lorena SHiff


    Lorena Shiff Organize Closet

    NBC- Today on 5 at 11 - Watch here 


    Enjoy this Q & A interview with

    Lorena Shiff on

    How to spot a fake designer handbag


    Lorena Shiff Zest Now


    Interview with Lorena Shiff on The Ed Bernstein Show

    On this show segment, Lorena Shiff, the "Consignment Princess", with special co-host Claudia Noriega-Bernstein, we will talk about how to spot fake luxury handbags.


    Lorena Shiff Ed Bernstein

    Click HERE to watch


    More tips on How To Spot A fake!

    WPTV Lorena Shiff WPTV Lorena Shiff


    Lorena Shiff How to spot a real vs fake



    Click Here to WATCH


    How to shop for dad?

    WPTV Lorena Shiff WPTV Lorena Shiff

    Click Here to WATCH



    Lorena Shiff talks to LATIN TIMES about Fashion



    Click here to read


    Tips for men on shopping and selling at consignment stores




    Lorena Shiff gave ATC - Atlanta Journal Constitution - all the tips MEN need to know for buying and selling consignment



    Click here to read





    Stephany Baur got a one on one with Lorena Shiff and learned how to spot a fake. Watch this - So can you !

    Click Here to watch

    Lorena Shiff UsMagazine




    Christina Garibaldi learned from Lorena Shiff how to spot a fake designer handbag


    Click here to read


    Do you know how to spot a fake?

    Good day new york Fox 5 Lorena Shiff

    Lorena Shiff, The Consignment Princess, puts

    Greg and Rosana to the test in Good Day NY

    Lorena Shiff Good Day NY

    Fox 5 NY - Good Day NY - Click here to Watch 


    Best packing hacks to fil all your must have's in your suitcase!

    Business insider lorena shiff

    Lorena Shiff helps Business Insiders viewers with the best hacks!

    Small changes can make a huge difference in how efficiently you can pack a suitcase. Consignment expert Lorena Shiff, founder of online consignment site Lorena's Worth, shows us the different techniques that will let you to fit more (wrinkle-free!) clothing into your suitcase. 

    Business Insider - Packing hacks - WATCH HERE

    Also featured on:

    Yahoo! Finance Click Here to watch

    News USA Extra Click Here to watch 

    News Bout Click Here to watch

    Age Times Click Here to watch


    How to pack efficiently for a short vacation?

    Lorena Shiff shows Roxanne on Today On 5 at 11 - How to do this in style!

    WPTV Lorena SHiff


    Lorena Shiff Today How to pack efficiently

    NBC- Today on 5 at 11 - Watch here

    Also featured on:

    Yahoo! Click here to watch

    Huffington Post Click Here to watch


    New York Fashion Week 2016

    The biggest trends: LA-STORY

    Lorena Shiff is bringing the trends to the streets!

    Click Here to read all about it!

    Stevie Wilson, the LA Girl, featured Lorena Shiff for the latest trends on how to bring the runway fashion to the streets of LA!


    Lorena Shiff Explains why now it's the best time to buy CHANEL!


    Who What Wear Lorena SHiff lorena's worth

    Chanel Lorena's WORTH

    WhoWhatWhere - the time for Chanel is now says Lorena Shiff - Click Here



    Fashion360Mag - Travel in Style with shoes

    Want to know what shoes to pack for your summer holiday? 

    Fashion 360 Mag posted Lorena Shiff's take on that!

    Read all about it here!



    Yes - Time to clean up! But How?

    Lorena Shiff will give you all the closet clean up tips you need!

    Tips on Closet Clean-Out

    Fashion Maniac - Closet clean out tips from Lorena Shiff - Click Here


    Want to know what are the best jeans styles for women over 50? How many jeans you should have on your closet?

    Prime Women Published an article with Lorena Shiff

    Prime women lorena shiff lorena's worth

    Click here to read



    Chanel? Louis Vuitton? Real? Fake?

    NBC 6 Miami - Spotting a fake purse


    Shopping for the holidays on a budget - Lorena Shiff is here to help!

    NBC 6 Miami - Shopping for Holiday Gifts





    Gold Coast Magazine - Lorena Shiff - 50 Years in Fashion


    Message in a bottle asks Lorena Shiff Why should men buy consignment

    Click HERE to read the full interview